Why you should specify AM-Clad antimicrobial wall cladding systems

Why specify antimicrobial wall cladding

Why you should specify antimicrobial wall cladding panels for refits and new build.

The 2020 pandemic brought the subject of infection control into sharp focus. What used to be specified exclusively for high level hygiene-critical environments like operating theatres, cleanrooms, hospitals, dentists and the pharmaceutical industry, is becoming the norm for everyday environments like schools, catering, food production and manufacturing.

With Covid-19 affecting almost every aspect of life, work and play, it’s more important than ever before to protect your customers, clients and employees from the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Installing antimicrobial cladding panels in your premises is operation-critical. 

Covid-19 can persist on cardboard for up to 24 hours, while on plastic and stainless steel it can remain active for up to three days. Some bacteria, including E. Coli and MRSA, can survive for several months on inanimate surfaces. 

All it takes is one infected person to spread a virus to colleagues and customers, which then places a premises at the centre of an outbreak.

Closing an office, shop, school or factory for a deep clean is costly. The damage to a hard-won reputations, devastating. The ultimate price may be permanent closure.

How Am-Clad's antimicrobial cladding panels work

Where antimicrobial cladding is used, bacteria and viruses cannot gain a foothold. The antimicrobial surface is infused with billions of minuscule particles of silver ions, added during the manufacturing process. This delivers a sterile performance, making the surface resistant to bacterial and viral colonisation, which in turn kills and prevents the growth of a range of bacteria, mould and viruses. Crucially, the active ingredients used in the antimicrobial cladding contain no toxins which affect human health.

How Am-Clad's antimicrobial cladding works

With infection control, the importance of disinfecting frequently touched surfaces is critical. The tough, scratch resistant surfaces of AM-Clad’s antimicrobial cladding also allows more effective cleaning than surfaces with scratches, chips or cracks.

The biocidal performance of AM-Clad’s antimicrobial wall cladding products has been measured in independent tests. They have been confirmed as being highly effective against the top ten most common pathogens or ‘superbugs’ and its resistance to chemicals ensures no reduction in performance over time. 

This means using AM-Clad’s antimicrobial wall cladding is not just a quick fix. The cladding panels are guaranteed for 20 years, ensuring a lifetime of protection and offering excellent value for money when compared to ordinary wall cladding.

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