Dealing with Superbugs

Helping hygiene-critical areas eliminate superbugs

AM-Clad and AM-Guard’s anti-microbial surface actively kills microbes and is highly effective in eliminating or inhibiting the growth of ‘superbugs’ which can pose a serious threat when undetected. The test results below show the biocidal capabilities of AM-Clad and AM-Guard in terms of CFU reduction within a 24 hour period.

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*In an independent lab test, 10 common microbes were selected, and each of them was incubated on panels for 24hrs at 37°C and >90% RH. As the table shows, AM-Clad and AM-Guard panels demonstrate high antimicrobial activity. Use of AM-Clad and AM-Guard, along with an adequate cleaning regime, would significantly reduce microbial growth, including dangerous pathogens.

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