AM-Clad Cleanrooms

FDA Compliant Antimicrobial & Hygienic wall cladding systems for pharmaceutical-grade & foodsafe Cleanrooms

AM-Clad's Antimicrobial Cleanrooms are the ultimate in bio-secure environments and are designed for pharmaceutical research, production and manufacturing including biopharma, medical devices, IVF labs, operating theatres and electronics and advanced technology. AM-Clad supplies premium-grade, antimicrobial wall cladding proven to deliver, thanks to silver-ion technology infused during the manufacturing process.

AM-Clad Cleanrooms

For a hygiene-critical environment to be truly optimised, antimicrobial cladding on walls and ceilings and in the sealed coving which connects them, is essential, the results inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19, E.Coli, Influenza and MRSA. Our cleanroom wall system is fully hygienic, FDA compliant, complies to cGMP, GLP & EuGMP standards, and is suitable to install into ISO cleanrooms (levels 2-9).

AM-Clad Cleanrooms

AM-Clad's Hygienic Cleanrooms also ensure secure hygienic environments for a range of research, production and manufacturing processes where ‘foodsafe’ standards are required. The premium-grade PVC surfaces are hard-wearing and easy to sterilise, providing a cost-effective solution. AM-Clad Hygienic PVC wall cladding is FDA compliant, meets cGMP, GLP & EU GMP standards, and is suitable for installing ISO cleanrooms (levels 2-9).

AM-Clad Cleanrooms

Our antimicrobial and hygienic cleanroom wall cladding systems both come with 20-year guarantees, ensuring performance throughout the lifespan of the products. Put simply, they are the best antimicrobial and hygienic wall cladding systems available.

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