Everything you want to ask about AM-Clad's antimicrobial wall cladding – answered.

The last few months have seen AM-Clad's antimicrobial wall cladding in great demand. Naturally, new clients have a number of questions they need answering, so we've collected some of the most often asked questions below:

A. Antimicrobial does more!

This is the most common question we are asked!

Antibacterial materials inhibit the growth of bacteria which ultimately results in the elimination of the organism. 

Antimicrobial materials also inhibit the growth of bacteria and additionally inhibit the growth of mould, fungi and viruses. 

Moulds and fungal infections include things like the unpleasant Aspergillus niger. Viruses include more serious pathogens like the common cold, flu, Influenza, MRSA and E.Coli.


A. It depends on a number of factors.

Scientific tests on our antimicrobial wall cladding have proved that from the point of contamination, it takes just minutes to inhibit the microbes and after a quarter of an hour, it can eliminate up to 80% of microbes.

After a couple of hours, around 99.9% of microbes are eliminated.


A. Yes, cleaning is still necessary.

Unlike unprotected surfaces, antimicrobial wall cladding prevents growth and kills microbes, including dangerous pathogens, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but using AM-Clad is not a substitute for thorough and regular hygiene practices.

It is important to remember that although our cladding is antimicrobial, it is not ‘self-cleaning’ so cleaning is still required. AM-Clad products will create superior hygienic spaces and works alongside good hygiene practice and infection control measures.

AM-Clad’s antimicrobial performance is not affected by cleaning and is guaranteed for 20 years.


A. Yes, it does improve infection control.

Imagine a scenario in a school. The bell goes, and a throng of pupils pour out of the classrooms. A pupil coughs or sneezes as they walk along a corridor and wipes their hand on the wall as they walk. Once a virus or bacteria has contaminated an unprotected surface that harbours germs, it begins to multiply. And every jostling pupil who follows and touches that area risks infection.

The same principles apply in an operating theatre. A hospital toilet. A food manufacturing plant. A restaurant kitchen. A hotel bathroom. AM-Clad can play a part in providing fully hygienic environments for the protection of patients, visitors, customers, clients and staff.

It is also important to remember that microbes are tiny and often invisible to the naked eye. AM-Clad products work on a microscopic level to eliminate the ‘invisible’ threat.



A. Yes, is safe!

The silver ions in AM-Clad are inert and do not leach, therefore making it impossible to affect human health or spill into the atmosphere.

Even if it was possible for the silver ions to leach out, a person would have to consume huge quantities over an extended period of time to become adversely affected.


A. Yes – in fact AM-Guard is up to 20 times more scratch resistant than PVC wall cladding.

If extra protection is required in high traffic areas, AM-Guard wall protection is proven to be 20 times more scratch resistant than ordinary cladding.

While standard PVC wall cladding is easier to clean and keep hygienic than many other wall surfaces, over time damage is inevitable and any scratches and chips can harbour microbes, therefore potentially spreading infection.

AM-Clad’s Antimicrobial wall cladding, if damaged, maintains its antimicrobial performance, as the silver ions are infused into the PVC during the manufacturing process, therefore guaranteeing antimicrobial performance for 20 years.


A. AM-Clad antimicrobial wall cladding is scientifically proven in laboratory conditions to inhibit and kill a range of the most threatening viruses. 

AM-Clad antimicrobial is highly effective against the top ten most common pathogens or ‘superbugs’ – some of which are viruses which share a number of COVID-19’s characteristics.

COVID-19 is a coronavirus, and when seen under microscope, the spikes look like a crown (corona is Latin for ‘crown’). Beneath these spikes is a membrane layer which can be disrupted by detergents and alcohols, which is why soap and water and alcohol hand sanitiser are effective against the virus.

The silver ions infused into AM-Clad’s Antimicrobial cladding disrupt viruses and bacteria in a similar way, so it’s a rational assumption that the silver ion technology will be as effective against COVID-19 as it is on other viruses.


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